Baby on board

Fra en tysk Banner 30 sejler modtog vi denne fikse løsning til at medbringe børn.

The idea came up when my wife got pregnant. She asked for a safe solution to put our son somewhere during sailing, at least during manoevering. Standard car chairs are too big (and too expensive) and don’t have a casting where to put them safely. The suction devices are from bathroom accessoiries, you can use them if you are on travel in hotels and need a grip under the shower. Mainly elderly people would use it. Not expensive, 29,- EUR /ea. I think healingwise you can just sail normally as you would do. The weakest link in that chain is the kid, how much healing he will tolerate. However, this seat is a good place, he can watch us when we tack or gybe and moor / de-moor. 

babystol sugekop

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