Tråd: Er klubben primært en kassebådsklub, eller er den for alle?

Set i lyset af den diskussion, som bestyrelsen lægger op til i april 2011, er du velkommen med dine tanker og idéer!

Sv: Er klubben primært en kassebådsklub, eller er den for alle?

Hi All,
although I am a huge friend of boats according to strict class rules we have to be realistic. With only 102(?) boats existing one cannot be overly critical. My view is as follows:
1. There should still be clear class rules for a class boat also in future.
2. We should try and have a good look at the class rules. In the moment we have a substantial discussion about boats that changed DH measurement to "Jib only". These boats would (according to my understanding) not be class boats any longer. Forgive me, that is a bit nonsensical. I have a Genoa, even a very nice one. In the 4 Years that I have the boat I have used it 3 times only. In races I can easily do without.
Therefore I would think it realistic to change the class rule to max 5 sails: Main, Jib, Stormjib, Spinnaker large and small. This would then bring all boats into the class rule where owners do not want to spend the money for a Genoa (or rather use a Gennaker for leisure sailing). This means a boat that posesses only Main, Jib and Spinnaker would be able to compete in a class race. I can use my Genoa outside races and would not insist on it.
3. Only boats with substantial changes that make drastic changes to speed potential (like Keel or Rudder, very light Mast (Boom?)) should be Specials. Maybe there are other smaller items that need to be put inside the class rule. I cannot think of any but they might be out there.
4. Starts in races
Also here I think a bit of realism is necessary.  With only a number like 5-15 boats ever coming to a class championship there is enough room to start the Specials together with everyone else. In other classes with similar boats you have double the number or even more at a starting line. If you sail DH races the starters are also a mixed bag where differences between boats are much bigger than between Banner class boats and specials. So I advocate to to have one start for everyone.
5. Results
If we stick to having class boats, which I support,  it is only logic to have a class boat ranking for a race.
However, to attract also the specials there should be a over all DH ranking and prize in addition to the class boats.       
6. With only 102 hulls built the club should be the club for all, independent of class rule definition. Already today a lot of members have boats outside the rule.


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